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    So after the last update if you don't start in the Freeport grid the lag is horrendous. God help you if you open a bookshelf because it will damn near crash your game. Maps won't work unless you start in Freeport either.

    So what gives? This is getting to be quite the PITA.

    Yeah I hate to be that guy but it is starting to aggravate the heck out of me the more I think about it. I understand the game itself is in preview but if you’re going to offer a service for the game you should make sure everything the game currently has is working as expected. Treasure maps in particular are a huge part of the game mechanic and not having workable treasure maps is definitely a huge problem.

    I’m tired of spawning in blueprints in a “treasure crate” for players so they can use upgraded tools that don’t break all the dang time. It’d be one thing if I was only renting a single server but I have 6 and need 3 more but I’m not about to do that in the state it currently is.

    I’m all about being patient and understanding about bugs and inconveniences, but guys two weeks really pushing it even to your most patient customers. Tell us something. Don’t pull a Bethesda and go silent and let us make our own assumptions.

    Any news, good or bad, is news.

    Hey guys.

    I have a 6 server cluster and just noticed that treasure maps are showing up completely blank. I’ve restarted the main and 5 extensions and treasure maps are still blank. I have jpg images and not png for the maps so I know it’s not that issue.

    Anyone else experiencing blank treasure maps or know of a fix?

    Thanks in advance.

    If you happen to be on an official map and not just a custom made from scratch grid map you will have to find out what your grids are in the json and add your edits to each individual grid or only the home server will have your edits.

    For example my grid i had originally on the official map was E7, E8, D7 and D8. So E7 was listed as grid x, 4 grid y, 7.... Or something to that effect... Seeing as E should be 5 since its the 5th letter in the alphabet it is not.. The grids start at 0 not 1...

    Anyway from there once i found my grids in the json file i had to go under OverrideShooterGame.ini on each grid and put any edits in.. Hope this helps

    Also check your json code for errors like Tinman suggested to me and it fixed a lot of problems.

    Wow bad code was the issue. Geezus. Well fixing the code problems worked and everything is now working like it should. I should've know but I'm no json expert by means.

    Thanks Tinman. You're a life saver.

    Issue resolved.

    Hey guys,

    I'm running an Xbox Atlas stack, home server + 1 expansion. Eventually more expansions will be added but starting small while I tweak everything.

    So per the instructions on the Nitrado wiki and various other comments in previous posts, I've downloaded the json via the Download Server Config button, made my various edits, saved then hit the Upload Server Config button, restarted and then when I go into the game none of the edits are there. Before you ask I am using Notepad++ so the file is being saved as a json and not a config.json.txt file.

    I've redownloaded the config and it's the original json, not the edited version. I've stopped the servers, added the file, restarted, changes don't stick. I've uploaded the config while the servers were running, hit restart, nada. I've wiped and rebuilt the stack, rinse repeat, nada.

    Kinda scratching my head at this point and since there isn't an expert mode for Atlas to add scripts to I'm at a loss for making the edits. Would appreciate any help so I can resolve this and add more expansions.

    Thanks in advance!