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    I found the local adminlist.txt file when we were playing off my PC's local game and tried to add my brother's Steam ID to it on my PC, and it didn't work. I went ahead and added the game to our Nitrado Server here, hoping to correct the issue. I have since added my Steam ID and his Steam ID to the adminlist.txt file found in the config file here and now neither of us are Admins. I feel like I am missing something here? Is there a symbol or a coma or something we are supposed to add before or after each line? Has anyone else got this to work, and if so, what were your steps? The adding of the Steam ID digits is not working for some reason.

    Hello Team Nitrado,

    Are there any plans or ideas for the implementation and addition of Satisfactory yet? It appears as though Citadel and a few others are now offering hosting services. I know there was no support early on, but we seem to see progress from some other servers. Any updates or timelines to enthuse and keep us excited for the new addition? 8)

    I'm still having issues getting it to work with my stats. That is really all we want to do with it and the whole reason we purchased server space. I'm learning as I go with the whole .json file and language, but apparently I'm not learning well enough. I actually copied the examples from the link, where it says to place them, and it's not changing my stat boosting at all. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

    Thanks for all the help in advance and thanks for welcoming me to the community! I'm a long time Ark player and am excited to get going with Atlas!