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    I'm in the same boat, pun intended. How hard is it to make the most important aspect of the game work, it's an exploration game, anything you can use is the Longitude and latitude GPS coordinates, biggest pain is you cant pick what bed you want to spawn at, and fast travel?? Ha! Instant crash everytime. Also 400.58, still same the same trash.

    got them to work yesterday, didnt realize steam cosplay wasnt on, now I cant get my main tobstart back up, this is the worst experience I've ever had. were stuck paying 14$ a peice for this garbage?

    well ended up reinstalling the game on all 3 expansion servers, fixed the problem, at least none of us had built anything on them yet, hope this isn't a problem everytime we get an update.

    I just posted a thread about 30 minutes ago because of the same problem. I did end up force stopping mine and now I have a new problem, the update didnt apply to all of my expansion servers and they wont start now, only my Maine will

    my expansion severs did not update with my main, how do I fix this? Will reinstalling the game server lose all my progress on my main? Can you even reinstall the expansions individually? Also the black map thing needs to be fixed, its impossible to navigate without it, plau treasure maps are useless as well...:cursing: