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    Two of my four servers crashed and are not visible on my end of Nitrado. I submitted a ticket. I need this resolved ASAP I get the message “cannot find web interface” when selecting the down servers from Nitrado on chrome. But on Nitrado app they aren’t even there at all. They both still have subscription time and this is absolutely ridiculous

    Those of us that have been playing ARK for years know this happens from time to time. Sadly their is no fix. Some have done rollbacks and it work but that risks you losing any progress. In my community we advise folks if they are going to use CA, to take screenshots and report any issues for replacements. I have lost so much stuff in the CA.

    I have been playing for years. I’ve seen it a couple times. Not this frequent. It’s every transfer and ONLY extinction. I have YET to receive a complaint from a player (100+ spread amongst cluster) that they have lost transferring to any other map..

    I have a cluster of four maps. Three of which transfer flawlessly. However when any of my players attempt to transfer to extinction one of three things seems to be happening.:

    1) their character is deleted

    2) they dont own their Dino’s anymore

    3) they are kicked from the tribe they belong to from original server before transferring to extinction

    Extinctions settings are copied directly from all the other servers, so I’m confused as to why this is happening only on this map. It has the same cluster Id, there are no transfer preventions, and the map is set to use “current saved game”.