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    I have found myself to be in the same situation as multiple ppl with their servers stuck in the restart loop after updating and changing map to Genesis. Any on figure this out? I got 20 ppl waiting for the server to come up, but I fear I may loose them to another server if the problem is not resolved. already submitted a ticket.

    I have 3 expansion I am very hesitant to even sail to in fear I will lag out. To me at this point it is wasted money to have unplayable servers and to not get reimbursed for wasted down time because of these issues are besides me. I submitted a support ticket back on 10/21/19 in regards to the map issue and just got a generic "we are looking into the issue" response.

    Even after multiple replies back to them explaining more issues, I still have yet to get a response back in 12 days! Yes game is in beta, but dont rent out servers under false pretenses, knowing there are issues and not reimburse the ppl who are renting servers that keep your company afloat. With out ppl like us Nitrado employees would simply not have a job. Simple business practices, keep the ppl that pay you happy!

    You can use Server Grid editor to custom make a map with what ever island you would like, like the PVE islands for boss fights. This will add more depth into a single server than just the regular freeports or grid based islands. Just be careful not to add to many as your game will crash. Be wary the maps aren't currently working on xbox atm.

    I did notice that the server version is only 400.54 while the latest patch 400.56 was released a few days ago. This patch is supposed to fix the map issue but why isn't the Nitrado servers being updated to reflect this?

    Sorry if I implied that. I guess i could have worded that a little diffrent. We dont have the option for a package as in 2x2 or 4x4. We have to get a main server (1 single server)as a home region then add on each individual (expansion) server billed seperatly.

    My maps aren't working either. I've tried everything and nothing. The more xbox players rent these servers the more complaints you will see coming forth. Atm the prices per server is shying ppl away from renting them as we have to rent each server separately as a expansion server. I wish we could just get a 5x5 like PC players can and call it a day. Lol

    Something I did just notice is the latest patch (400.56) supposed to fix the black map with HDR enabled. But as I look at my server version its 400.54. Shouldn't the server updated on it's own? I'll see if I can update via the web interface after work and see if that helps.

    There is no server name option in general. Server name only appears on the dashboard. I have repeatedly changed name and saved while server is stopped. Upon restarting the name changes to a random supplied hosted by name.

    Also is everyone on xbox having the blank map issue?

    I should also add I'm using the island editor and can not get the maps to display.

    I have tried multiple options and still can not get the server name to change and save to the one I wanted. It also randomly changes to a name I did not select. Can anyone help on this issue with Atlas nitrado server?

    Also I can not get the maps to properly show, they are grey. This is for xbox.