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    You'd need to tell us exactly what terrain block you used. There are blocks recommended for POI building so that no matter what biome it spawns in it uses the local block. This way it doesn't look silly, but there are specific blocks you can use also that are just that specific terrain.

    As for placing terrain ontop of your build that would allow zombies to spawn since it is not a player-generated block. Land Claim and bedroll rules will apply also.

    You're better to not put terrain on player blocks. In A17 I did this with tilled soil (just plant and it grows) and no zombies spawned on it, but now that you are using farming containers this probably doesn't work anymore, but you could try it.

    Have fun!

    You realize you can tailor the settings how you see fit. Now POI's got updated with many smaller ones emptied, since it was crazy that every POI was a dungeon crawl, especially when on day 1 you are looking to set up a camp for the night.

    If you think its too easy, don't bother setting up and instead stay outside all night. Go looting in some big POI's at night. That alone will likely change your mind.

    But too much loot, lower loot settings, zombies too easy, raise the difficulty, make them run faster, make them run all the time. Make zombie damage higher and lower player damage. Lots of things to tailor to your liking.

    And I think your nuts on the junk turret, he's my new buddy. Who needs a dog...

    This process on Nitrado is a bit aggravating for me. The easiest way to update is to just reinstall. But you lose everything (saves remain and backups) including mods, so I copied the serverconfig.xml and the serveradmin.xml files so I don't have to re-edit them after each update. Then after its updated and running you can stop the server, copy your proper settings files back, and reinstall/copy any mods. Then when you restart it should be back the way you want it. This way you know if the server doesn't restart there's an issue with your files, not the games. But, if there's an easier way that doesn't require doing this, I'd love to hear about it.

    Yes, I've gotten to giving the server about 10 minutes after restart before I login. If you use the web control login, you can actually login and watch the progress. I find it boring ;)

    If you still can't login, check your logs. Worst case (especially after a patch update) you may need to delete your save and start fresh. This happened to me after the last update.

    Its the same serverconfig.xml that you would use on any settings, but I'm confused why you call it a mapfile.

    The file is bare (comments have been stripped) so you may need to reference the default one in the game if you aren't sure what the various settings are.

    And these forums I'm sure are for you to ask any amount of questions you may have so you aren't really troubling anyone, have fun!