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    Hello there! This may be a totally useless thread but!

    As I am not the only frustraded customer of nitrado ( right now ) I just want to put something out there for us to read.
    A little comment of hope.

    What we all just wanna know is, are you trying to sort this out? ( ofc you are, I hope )
    We are waiting far to long for a ticket response, but that is probably because of the weekend.

    So with that said, could we just get it confirmed that tomorrow ( monday ) you guys come back with full force and sort our tickets out?

    With that, also a thanks to you mods who do your best to help us out!

    Hey there! So as Im not finding how to alter the config settings on the a18 experimental on the rented server,
    Im wondering how I can upload a local mapfile with some other settings than default.

    Or if Im just blind and not finding my way around this, plesae just explain and I wont trouble you anymore, thanks! <3