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    Hi all, I am a complete novice at using Json files etc. to input settings. I just wondered if someone could spare 5 minutes to help me get to grips with how to adjust the player stat levels in games. Have tried looking through the numerous threads but each one says about adding the code in, which i have tried and still none the better for it.

    Thanks in advance

    HI, just bought a nitrado server for a month for Atlas.

    All the settings seem to be there apart from the stats per level.

    The nitrado wiki suggests steps that aren't even on the nitrado dashboard.

    downloaded the json but adding things doesnt seem to make a difference.

    the internet hasn't been helpful either.

    anyone have any suggestions or a json file that has the settings already inputted?

    there's just 3 of us playing so we wanted the boosted stats pretty badly.

    thanks in advance