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    Hello there,

    I'm not enjoying the service as much as i expected and wish to get a refund, at least, for the months in coming.

    Problem was : I took the server to play Don't Starve Together (with caves) which is a main feature of the game.
    - After a talk on the forum to solve the problem what was "i can't open caves and dunno why ?" It appears that Nitrado ask for me to get 2 servers in order to open them. (Where is it mentionned BEFORE subscribing to anything ? I havn't seen anything about this.)

    Another problem was reported by some of my players but it appears that there is a LOT of lag for some of them even while their connexion was very good at the same time (with no download or whatever)

    I can't afford for 2 servers and if I need 2 servers to play the full main game experience of DST, it's just a no for me. Can you explain me what to do to get a refund of what i've paid for the rent please ?

    To have a Do not Starve Together Server with Caves The following things are required:

    • 2 Nitrado Game servers, on which the game Don't Starve Together is installed. One of these servers becomes the master and one of the slave servers.

      Seriously ? :/ It's a main game feature !

      thank you for answers anyway

    Hey. I took a screenshot of the nitrado section for the shards. I did try what was recommanded on the steam post with the ip + port and even after reinstalling the server + import the whole configuration and restarting the server, still no cave.

    On this screen i cleared all port + ip + use the cluster key as password - but not sure what it is. The "token key" of the server is already entered above this configuration. The server is totally working without caves for now.

    I'm seriously close to ask for a refund as I feel this so complicated to only add caves into the main game, it's not even a mod. :/

    Is there a nice Nitrado Dev. around here who can explain me how to add these cave pls ? Already more than a week that i need this and pretty sure it's a 5 minutes deal. Thank you for answers.

    Hello there,
    Can someone please explain to me how to add Shards into the DST world.

    I did chose the "shard option" on the server configuration.
    But then there is many things to fullfy tha ti don't understand.
    What is the cluster key ? Where to find it ? Is this the same as the Token Key ?
    What ip enter to the thing ?
    Is the Name that i Have to enter after that is a name of my own choice or a specific type of name ?

    I checked the Wiki bt still, can't understand how to do. Thank you for answers. :thumbup:

    Hey, i don't have any answer about mod, but i do rent a dst server in here too and i'm unable to add caves into a fresh game, did you do and can you explain me how to do so please ? step by step like a 6yo child please.) Ty for that mate.

    Hi, understood for the new "game" it works, now, specifically for Don't Starve Together I would like to generate a game with "Shards" so i select the shard available and enter the cluster key but once i restart the server, the game is still with no cave. (Edit : after reinstallation and before launching the server for the first time.)

    Can you explain me how to add them into the game pls ? Ty :)