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    Ok thanks , yeah I'm looking at the mobile app interface now and when i click upgrade its a little confusing because it doesn't just give me a slide scale like the web UI and I'm worried it will lose everything if i continue, i have a ticket that i opened earlier today but after waiting over 12 hours for a reply i thought i would see if i could get some joy on the forums. looks like people will just have to wait for an upgrade hehe. Thanks again

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately i have just tried it on 2 other browsers after clearing my cash and still get the same results. do you think i will be able to do it on the mobile app as i only tried it on my mobile browser.

    Hi i currently have a 10 slot aberration server which today i tried to upgrade to a 20 slot, i have enough funds in my account but when i change it to 20 slots and click continue it just returns a 502 bad gateway error, it has been like it for over 12 hours. I'm pretty sure its nothing to do with my end as i tried it on my phone and laptop too any help is greatly appreciated