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    I do have few tickets for nitrado. ALl they can tell me is its a known issue and they are working on it. I just think they pushed production sooner than they were ready to handle (like eveyr single production company in existance no matter what the product is)

    Well I just checked my Nitrado server and its 400.57 so it was updated but map is still busted according to my friends (great thought it was a fix that was implemented in 400.56 patch) and I still cant get into my server since I purchased the server. This is my first and the worst experiance with Nitrado ever

    Current ATLAS Official Server Network Server Version: v400.54

    Current ATLAS PC Client Version: v400.54

    Current ATLAS Xbox Client Version: v400.56

    this is what you should have

    I do have those but my current xbox one nitrado version is 400.54. Cant seem to get it updated to 400.56 even after reboot. I'm assuming nitrado should be updated on xbox as well since the xbox client is already 400.56

    Has anyone found a fix to get around connection timed out? All the solutions I have found pertains to pc steamed. All my friends can get in it seems just to be me. My NAT type is Open, I'm hardwired to the back of my modem

    yeah I just noticed that thank you I wiped it and started it again.... Now my issue is when I try to enter my server it says invaild password. I changed it, restarted server and it gives me the same error. I tried the old and new PW and neither is working. This is Frustrating

    So I have problems after I made custom maps when I hit upload and try to upload the config and map img and cell, nothing is uploading so I decide to select the 15x15 and when I go to config my atlas it says that I have no home server selected so people wont be able to spawn so I try to click on one of the many houses on the grid and all I get is "Currently there are no free servers available. Use the Atlas code to link more Atlas expansion servers"

    atleast you guys can see some of your servers. I typed my server name in and its not finding my server nor can I upload my custom maps VIA gitHub map editor. and yes I have all modes checked and Unofficial, and also PW protected. it is really frustrating. I also bought 20 slot today and its un playable aswell