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    they havent fixed it for me ..i joined different server and also my own server from nitrado thats unplayeble for like 4/5 days .no refund possible ( nitrado points me to microsoft ) and still BLACK MAP !!!

    right so here are the problems im having with my server that i bought last night. 20 slots xbox one atlas server

    1 : no animals

    2 : no map ? map is black

    3 : higher rates on server dont work except the xp.i changed harvesting to and my friend jump on our server and it was 1x while i changed it to something different. my friend than jumped into a different server .instatame 3x server..same story .rates not work

    4 : cant log in as admin ?

    5 : i can claim (put a flag) on the home regions islands ? while these 4 should be a freeport (safehaven) for those who are new ?

    6 : my server is currently useless ,do we get our time back that we are losing right now .if not i want a refund.:cursing: