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    Has anyone on Xbox had trouble extending their servers?

    I sign into my nitrado app on xbox to extend runtime and none of my servers show up like they aren't even there.. But i can see them in my account in a browser and i can see them in the server list to join a game.

    I cannot extend my runtime for xbox as none of the servers are showing up on the xbox app.

    Have tried signing out and back in again, exiting the app and coming back in, and doing a hard reset of my xbox.

    Still nothing is working, no servers show up in the xbox nitrado app.

    I have had this server for almost 2 hours and it hasnt showed up on my join list once

    Dumb question but did you make sure you changed the name of your server and save? So u can search for it... I've done that before.. Changed name forgot to save.. Had a wtf moment

    Any progress on the fix for the join failed issues? My server members and myself are still having issues joining.. Dont understand how some can get in with no problems but others cant.

    please check your server settings. There should be a notification we are aware of the current issue and as the notification we are working with Wildcard on a fix.

    Yes i saw that a few hrs. ago... Thx for doing your job at least Rondeau... Your superiors however... Another story...

    Does anyone know why we keep dumping money into this poor excuse for a server hosting company???? Oh yea thats right cause they are the only option...

    I understand issues happen in technology but its seriously every other freaking day with you guys and this game.... The sheer amount of money you have stolen, yes stolen from people is phenomenal.

    Everytime i get a good population going on my cluster this crap happens... And i loose 80% of population... Then am forced to wipe cause no one wants to join a server thats over a week old with a strong built up tribe or 2... And those tribes leave cause i wiped.... Its just absolute insanity... Get it together or step off out of the way for some other hosting service who actually knows wtf they are doing and cares about their customers! Im so going back to PC i swear...

    K im done with my rant... Next...

    woke up this morning about an hr ago and had my discord spammed with people crying about the stupid error. 2nd time it has happened and now I lost half of my player base, BIG THANKS. anyways I restarted the server and half can join, I MYSELF CANNOT JOIN. so what is the fix and is it an issue everyone else is dealing with today.

    Same here i can't join any of my servers today either... I wish another company that actually knew wtf they are doing would take over this game.

    Yes they're aware of the issue. Have you submitted a support ticket yet or tried to restart your server to see if there is an update

    Ive restarted multiple times since this happened... Im not wasting my time with the support tickets because 9 times out of 10, 2 weeks later when they finally get back to me its been fixed...

    Oh btw i havent been able to even submit a support ticket since September... And yes ive called them multiple times they have tried fixing it but i still cant submit a ticket...

    Extinction has been brolen since Friday... As well as all the s+ structures... Is this being worked on? Cause it really seems like they dont care... Im wasting money away on an Extinction server as we speak..

    Any news yet???

    i agree it does not seem to matter at this point how boosted or close to official you are. I had the most population when ragnarok map was released with little to no mods (ini files) 20x gather/taming and slightly boosted player and dino stats. There seems to be more servers out there now than there are people that play the game honestly..

    I hosted both dayz and atlas when they came to nitrado to bring something "new" to the community but both games just starting out on a server hosting were and still are not very dependable and buggy.. And i just dont have the time to personally baby sit the servers. Finding responsible admins that actually want to help out the servers and not just play as a god doing everything for themselves is very hard to come by.

    So I've ran a nitrado server for ark since day one on xbx... I decided to start another cluster recently and am having the most trouble populating servers that ive ever had... I know in part the game is just not as popular as it used to be.. But then i hop over to these servers that have 70+ population and its so laggy they are unplayable.. So i dont see how those hold a population.

    I have my server stats set in such a way that you cant become alpha in a day or 2 but yet its far more easier to build up than official stats. So essentially middle of the road type server that over the past few years alot of people have paid me compliments on.

    I have a bunch of useful coding, ext/ab dinos on every map, custom drops, stack mods... I have harvesting damage to where there wont be a ton of lag if it has a higher population..

    So my question is whats popular stat wise/ ini file wise now a days that you fellow server owners have seen that will get a loyal following of population for those that still love the game?

    I have asked people that have joined and left my servers and the general consensus is they either want it way more boosted or closer to official stats... One would think meeting halfway of those settings wise would attract a healthy pop...

    Anyway thanks for any input just felt like this was a good topic of discussion for server owners.

    Ok ive went thru the forums on this issue and found no fixes... Everyone is being kicked from their tribe when they log out..

    I have wiped the server and reinstalled and it doesnt work.. I have a 3 map cluster, figured maybe cross ark was causing the issue since i have another seperate server that does not have this issue... But nope. Even with CA off still kicking players from their tribe every time they log out...

    I have submitted a ticket but in my experience i won't hear anything back for 2-3 days...

    Has anyone found any fix for this that we can do on our end yet? Just bought 3 new servers and they are useless now.

    They need to credit us time for all these issues... I have 4 servers in my cluster/grid and have only been credited a total of 6 days only on the main server. If the main server is down the expansion servers are useless...

    I've asked many times and still only been credited very little time on the main server. This is basically stealing offering a service that doesnt work and not crediting any time back because of all the issues... 30days 4 servers all servers have been up only a total of a week in those 30 days. 20 days at minimum should be added by my count to all servers but this hasn't been done no matter how many times I've asked..

    I've been a loyal Nitrado customer for 3 years now... Im moving to a different company if this isn't done, i highly recommend everyone else to do the same. This is stealing money from us plain and simple.

    i submitted a ticket asking about server time being reimbursed seeing as how 15 of my 30 days on 4 servers havent been playabe... No response yet. All i know is there is going to be alot of pissed off server owners if time isn't added back.. Me included

    You can do it with a 2x2 (4servers) but a 3x3 (6servers) would be better and less congested. Would run better as well. There are map templates that pc players have made you can find them online and add exactly what you are looking for without having to go too in depth with editing json files on your own.

    Contact me for more info. I personally know someone that runs this map on console and is very happy with it.