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    My Dayz server has been down since Friday. Now, this isn't a cry for help here at all. I've given up on Nitrado completely. Anyway, this is the reply I received from my "support" ticket:


    Thank you for your support request.

    We have moved your game server to different hardware. As a result, your game

    server's IP address and/or port number may have changed.

    Please let us know how your server is performing now.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let

    us know, as we are here to help.

    I thought, oh maybe they've actually done something. Nope. Nothing had changed. Server still awol, & stuck in a constant restart loop. Which leads me to believe that no actual attempt was made to fix it.

    If you want to try save face over this, issued refunds to all customers affected, but I highly doubt that'll happen, so bye bye Nitrado.

    Nitrado in a nutshell. Worked well for a while, then as soon as you need help, you're on your own.

    Aw. The wee support dude had his feelings hurt. Bless him...

    Well, they have to realise we are PAYING customers here. We have a right to be slightly irate at the handling of this situation. I've a feeling a few of us will be moving on after this debacle.

    You ask for help here as well & all you get is a mod telling you, oh the community can't help. Inform support. We have. 4 days this has been ongoing now. Unnacepptable.

    This is the reply I recieved after putting in a support ticket -

    "Currently, there may be problems with the start and restart of ARK: Survival Evolved Gameservers. We are already working intensively on a solution so that the gameserver can be used again as normal in the near future. As soon as this has been fixed we will inform you in this ticket. IMPORTANT: If the problem should resolve itself in the meantime, please close this ticket via -> "My Support Requests". We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a pleasant day."

    Ark? ARK?! Yeah. Totally confident this'll be fixed promptly....

    Will be looking for a new server provider now.