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for some time now we have been creating and maintaining new ways to help game server admins with questions and problems as quickly as possible, e.g. our Guides section and the Nitrado Community Discord.

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    now here is something maybe to send to nitrado development center. add a button that controlles all the servers and cluster instead of restarting one at a time or stoping them all in one go. of is this run by grapshot too. stop messing around and get your stuff together or fall behind.


    yes i for one am getting alittle upset about only being able to have half the access on our nitrado server. there saying its a grapshot problem and or microsoft. dont know who to beleve anymore because of the stuff that was said from one to another. cross play does not have access to some files that are needed to change some of the aspecs of the game that needs attention. mods would be nice to impliment into our servers but we can not due to cross play. now some are saying that microsoft will not allow mods but i beg to differ. there are a few games that you are able to install mods in eg: fallout, farming sims, ect if we can not get access to the game ini then atleast let us install mods thank you

    please repost this or send it to who ever get get this rec.

    i posted this on grapeshot hope this helps now off to microsoft.

    Current ATLAS Official Server Network Server Version: v400.54

    Current ATLAS PC Client Version: v400.54

    Current ATLAS Xbox Client Version: v400.56

    this is what you should have

    I do have those but my current xbox one nitrado version is 400.54. Cant seem to get it updated to 400.56 even after reboot. I'm assuming nitrado should be updated on xbox as well since the xbox client is already 400.56

    yes your server should be 400.54 and you on console should be 400.65

    password your server

    how are you supposed to ban offline players when there is no list showing them it's all good being able ban online players through showmyadminmanager (scap that you cant even select players online to do it either so basically people are unbanable)cheat but offline is noway I can see, also how do you find someones steamid on xbox as showmyadminmanager doesnt show that like ark 1 did

    password your server

    is there a way to remove sunken ship debris after it's been salvaged the planks u cant salvage stay there for ages and it's all blocking up a freeport dock area n causing ships that people buy from ship seller to instantly sink stupid as admin we have noway to remove stuff and to remove flags before the pve expiration timer which is also ridiculous at 14 days:cursing:

    is there a red tag or a green tag above the said ship?

    select the grid you want eg 2x2 3x3 or 15 x15. download then go to configure your atlas. select your squares. restart servers . after restart go to setting then general name your server hit save then restart again make sure you have a home region selected as you first cluster ther after make sure your cluster are connected.

    settings then general , scroll down look for this then make sure you have a check mark on it. restart server, then on console pause game hold rb lb x and y command line will appear type in command line enablecheats "password" not your server pasword but your admin password. on pc hit ` to bring up console command line type enablecheats "yourpassword". remove the quotations

    paramètres puis général, faites défiler vers le bas pour chercher cela, puis assurez-vous que vous avez une coche. Redémarrez le serveur, puis sur la pause de la console maintenez la commande rb lb x et y la ligne de commande apparaîtra tapez en ligne de commande enablecheats "mot de passe" pas votre mot de passe serveur mais votre mot de passe administrateur. sur pc, tapez `pour afficher le type de ligne de commande de la console enablecheats" yourpassword ". enlever les citations

    Bonjour je n'arrive pas a faire de commande admin même avec enablecheats dans mon serveur. Et dans le descriptif du serveur y'a consol admin désactivé est ce normal?? Merci pour votre aide

    il est toujours réglé sur diasabled sur le serveur, vous pourrez toujours utiliser la commande server make. Assurez-vous simplement que le réglage est activé dans la configuration du serveur et que même si le jeu est désactivé, vous pouvez toujours l'utiliser. sa situé dans les paramètres puis général. espérons que cela vous aide.

    so i was able to create a game crash where your character dies and your game crashes and you are no longer able to join that server again till server owner does a character wipe. now when the server admin does said wipe it will wipe all characters within the server. it would help if we had the option to wipe one player but not all. i dont think there is a command line that can do it.

    if you want it fixed get them a call. tickets dont do much.


    I'm sorry you guys are having starting issues and restarting issues with the Atlas server. If you haven't submitted a support ticket I would do so. Please make sure to only submit 1 support ticket as submitting more than one wont help the matter.

    Good evening, The ticket was sent and so far the problem has not been solved, the server is still restarting ....

    if you want it fixed get them a call. tickets dont do much.

    in settings got to general a page. scroll threw and change as desired. FYI just go to your xbox console in single player and play with the stats and try them out before you apply them to your server. it also gives you a better run down on what values does what. hope this helps you.

    Could be a gamebug still.

    Try uploading new map images with json. Also make sure you have FOW not disabled.

    Also see if others that connect have the same issue. I suspect any new players will not have a black screen.

    FOW isn’t disabled, but I have no clue how to upload images with json. I’ve wiped the map, reinstalled the server, and restarted the server multiple times now.

    check what version you are running on the server also map is working fine on pc but not on xbox