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    It doesnt run it says server has stopped you try and start it and it goes "restarting" and then server stopped again. i originally called and spoke with the support line who submitted my ticket and for a week now this is what i got..

    Good luck. I have had my request marked as "Solved" and re-opened 3 times this week for the exact same problem with no comments as to what they did... which appears to be nothing. Last night I finally got "the request was received and passed on to the appropriate department." which is at least different. We will see.

    I ran into the same or similar issue today. Tried restoring the server but it would just Stop and would never start regardless of the many restarts. I had to re-select a Home region under "Configure your Atlas", which resolved the issue for me. Sounded similar so I wanted to put that out there if it is.

    Thanks, I have the same issue there and with Direct Connect... "unable to query server info for invite". Tried a reinstall as well on both client and server, still no luck. I opened a Support Ticket as well.Hopefully Nitrado can fix this ASAP.

    I recently rented a Cross Play server. Xbox can find the server no problem and join in, however from Steam I cannot. I did find only one setting relating to it in the configuration, "DisableSteamPlayers", but still no luck after unchecking that as well as restarting the server and client. Not sure what else to check.