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    It's been over a week since your website has prevented multiple server owners from upping their slots. This simply is not good enough. Nitrado are not responding to our tickets and have not announced whether they are aware of this issue or not.

    WE have players, some of us have donators. A lot of us are having to deal with capped servers on a regular basis. MY players are super annoyed that they've donated and cannot even get onto the server they donated towards! Soon enough I'll lose all these players anyway and be handing out refunds, how embarrassing!

    This is outrageous. At LEAST tell your customers you know of the problem and you're working on it. We only want to know what is going on. The lack of communication is the only thing that's really irked me!

    Yes, we've all cleared cache, travelled to the other side of the universe to try a different PC/Browser. :cursing:

    I too am having this issue with not being able to increase slot cap (for around 5 days, no idea how long the issue has been going on for). I did phone the American line and he knew of the 502 gateway error but couldn't say anything about it other than submit a ticket. And in my opinion this is absolutely outrageous. Seems like nobody knows what's going and it might take a while to get extra slots.

    I submitted the support ticket over 3 days ago. Heard nothing at all.

    I have tried clearing cache, trying several browsers on different devices, I've even been to someone else's house.

    Now I wouldn't be fussed if it wasn't for the fact I've had donations from players because my server is getting much more populated people want more slots and now I'm sat holding onto their money with absolutely no communication from Nitrado.

    The website it not allowing us to purchase slots. At all. Sad face.