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    Yes I have and currently no response after I tried the basic troubleshooting steps of Starting a new game etc...... I updated the ticket with the same info of all my steps even tried updated the Dedicated.yaml and gameoptions.yaml manually still no fix. Only happened after the 10 update

    Nitrado Server will not change some server settings.

    I have tried Dedicated and GameOptions files in multiple folders still no fix. Nitrado Support is currently unresponsive other than basic troubleshooting. Is there a fix or is this just Update changes.

    For Example:

    I see certain settings not being applied:: for example these::

    AntiGriefDistancePvE 5

    AntiGriefDistancePvP 5

    ProtectTime 48

    When I look at the server settings from game it is the defaults :

    AntiGriefDistancePvE 300

    AntiGriefDistancePvP 300

    ProtectTime 30