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    Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to check the console, E.G. playername has joined this server. Or if someone did a command it would show up.

    Hi there, Go to you're Nitrado server, Under "Settings" click "General". Then scroll down to "Gameplay", Look for some settings that will say "Join notifications" "Enable join message" "Enable Leave message"

    Hope this helps!

    Strange because normally the only time it would mess with stopping the time is if the multiplier of the night or day was all the way to the left thus making it multiply by nothing so it would stop. If you are 100% sure that the settings are correct and it shouldn't be doing it then i would suggest opening a ticket and let them fix it there side.

    Annoying i know but please be patient with them they have a lot of customers and issues to sort out.

    Having the same issue that the server is updated, but no event is to be found on it.
    I have restarted the server and triplechecked that it is set to "Official Active event" But still nothing.
    Feels like this is happening every time there is a new event...

    Agreed. This is beyond ridiculous. My players are getting upset. I even tried a reinstall to see if that would update the server. It did not.

    I understand this is very very frustrating for you and other players but you have to understand, they have thousands and thousands of servers and issues and customers to help out. They are aware of some of the issues people are facing and are doing their utmost best to sort the servers out. I had to wait for mine to be fixed also but this is just how it is sometimes.

    ive reset all stats back to default and wiped dinos. is there a way to post the whole settings page or do you want me to copy the 3 day cycle speeds set to 1?

    Have you tried this:

    go in game, hit tab, and type "settimeofday 08:00"

    see if that works.

    I did the update for the Easter update and now no pc sessions will show up at all it says 0/0 servers for unofficial pc sessions but all other dedicated and other servers are up and running

    No Unofficial servers will show until Nitrado update the servers on their side.