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    Is anyone else having random ping spikes on their rag server? Cant figure out whats going on, I did a dino wipe, an unclaimed dino wipe even ghosted threw the map to make sure it wasn't mass breeding, I found nothing! its driving me nuts!

    I'm having the same issue, On blackwood stuck at 255 ping, started happening after maps started crashing when being opened In the hotbar for me, cant do anything! its going on 4 days for me, I called support and they told me they couldn't find anything wrong with my server, so they made a ticket for higher support, still haven't heard anything.. Obviously something is wrong if several people are having this ping issue and map crashing... If I hear anything back from them before you do ill let you know.

    Im currently having the same issue, blackwood server based out of new York ping has jumped to 226, its usually around 30! Has anyone figured out whats going on?!

    I'm having the same issue with my NY server, going on 2 days now! called they told me they couldn't help and would put in a ticket for me, got an email this morning said it was resolved, Bu! its not, by any means, they reset my server to a different map and its still rebooting over and over!

    Server was working fine tell about an hour ago, it vanished! Not even on my nitrado account! Anyone else having this issue or no whats going on?

    I finally got mine to work, Had to force stop then force restart a couple of times, (But not sure if it did the update) Was scared though because last time this happened, my server got wiped! If you've already tried the stop and restart, id make a ticket and contact Nitrado sounds like more is going on with yours if your expansions aren't working.. Wish I could help you.

    Server says it has an update, has been trying to update for hours now, Now it says to force start or stop server, and is stuck.. Anyone else having this problem, or know what to do?