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    Atlas IS Ark. They took the Ark engine, changed it to pirate theme on a much larger scale, added an improved sea engine, added much more advanced fighting system, a skill tree that requires specialization, added npcs & stores, and a bunch of other things. Atlas is being built by Grapeshot, which is the sister studio of Wildcard (Ark).

    So anything you are doing now in Atlas you will find almost exactly the same mechanics-wise in Ark, except a different theme and not as in-depth melee, as example. But Ark had its falling out too for the first 2 years of early access. As long as players keep thinking early access means finished product, there will always be people upset about constant crashing, bugs, balance, and non existing content as of yet. The good thing about EA is the game companies get player feedback throughout production, which helps them to cater the game to what the players want.

    Once Atlas gets its puzzle pieces put together, I can see it being a much better game than ark ever was. There is just still a very long road ahead until it reaches the final goal. Patience is key with games in alpha.

    If you haven't seen the roadmap yet for Atlas, would suggest checking it out:

    ATLAS Roadmap - News - Official Atlas Community

    Same issue here, at first it would show on but would restart over and over, logs show:

    Sat, 12 Oct 2019 12:34:53 -0400 ni3145439_1 restarted more than 10 times in a row. There seems to be something very wrong. Stopping server. (WINDOWS)

    Now it wont even start, just says restarting server for afew minutes then says stopped.

    10 player server based in New York

    EDIT: Oh and I ran everything with default settings, and even reinstalled as well the entire game at 1 point

    It seems like you promised us this at launch then we find out you have to have a Xbox specific server and then enable crosspaly so we Xbox users don't have the ability's to use mod's, this makes no since there are several Xbox games that allow mods. Now I know your going to say you don't support mods but I as an Xbox and snail programmer that it is possible and the fact that NITRADO has been in partners with them for several yeas now and did in fact come up with the server grid and seamless servers for the game. I cant beave you have nothing to do with it just make the pc servers crossplay as was promised be in the first place. and NITRADO has there hands in the mod program for ARK and ATLAS just fix it the way it should be and make it a true crossplay game!!!

    I don't recall any promises of private servers on release day. *Grapeshot* said Crossplay would be live October 8th, and it is, official servers are actually pretty packed with xbox and pc players right now. But there was never mention of when "unofficial servers" would release, in fact every update I can find from Grape and Nitro only say "No ETA", including Nitrado's last update:

    "We work closely with Grapeshot Games on this issue, but there is no exact release date at the moment."

    If this was Microsoft Store tied to Microsoft Store, like Ark, it would be easy, but it's Microsoft Store tied to Steam which is pretty new territory. You would also have to buy a new copy if you are already on Steam if they took the easy route of MS to MS, don't think many people that already owned it would have "bought into" that.

    As far as mods, I don't recall any games at all on the Microsoft store that allow mods. In fact everyone was freaking out this past July when they found a folder called "ModdableWindowsApps", thinking maybe there is potential for mods in the near future on MS games.

    not to metion this isn't the Launch of the game this is BETA so ya they have time before the REAL Launch There is bugs and the game is fully finished that's the hole point of beta.

    Atlas is in Alpha, probably even "Early Alpha" at that. Beta is where you have the finished product and are ironing out the problems and bugs, Grape is going to be doing heavy work on Atlas's backbone over the next year at least. Their new roadmap is going to make some huge changes to how the game is played. I just hope they aren't going more towards Sea of Thieves with the heavier focus on sea and combat and cutting back on land, taming, & exploration... we'll see.

    Do we have to go through the Microsoft store Nitrado app in order to purchase a crossplay server? Or will 1 of the other 2 Atlas servers (via have the ability to enable Xbox to join once it's fixed?

    With no details at all posted anywhere about crossplay servers and no eta still on xbox servers to be able to read what those servers provide, wondering if i can just get a pc server on for this (prefer website management GUI over Microsoft app anyday).

    Or am i stuck waiting on the Nitrado app version to play Steam and Xbox one together?