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    Twitterjoker yeah, the same thing happens to me, and the only thing that i can say that works, is change location, if u dont want lose more time, and u have some money, change the location and remove the auto restart, and wait for a update that fix it, to put the restarts again, is the only thing that i learn in this days

    i try uninstall, reinstall, restore whit other file of other date, DoExit command in the game as admin, autostop, autostart, autorestart whit some diferent hours and nothing works, if someone found how fix it please tell how i can did it.

    PD: my server is in los angeles, i gona try a change to california, in some minutes i tell u guys if it can fix it

    well, i change that and its working, i only reccomend do this if u can use some money to do it, and u can make a back up before do it for dont lose your information of the server, in my server any matter because all want a new map, then we accept lost all, we are a group of friends

    good luck guys