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    I mean Ark Survival Mobile, after Others and I updated for the latest version (1.1.20), we can’t see some other servers and mine too. I have tried restarting or shutting down my server and running it again. Ones who can see my server, those play the previous version. I have sent the ticket and waited for their respond 3 days now. What should I do ?

    I don’t have a Skype. Is there other way to contact the team? (I live in Thailand, usually speak Thai I afraid that if I can talk via the phone or Skype, I may make them misunderstand because of incorrect words and grammar)

    I really need help because I have wasted renting days for a few days.

    Hello Nitrado’s team

    My server still doesn’t show in the list after the last update but some of my players can play with the previous version. I wonder if there are some problems with the server. (FIY I have been trying restarting so many times but it still disappears from the list)

    Please let me how to fix this, it’s almost 2days since I stuck on this! (My players are await)