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    Hi never programmed before but think i would like to start by making a bot for my server that is capable of reading data from ark server logs use said data to print in real time. What im looking to do is create a tracker bot that more easily and clearly parses the server logs for specific data like player kills and survivor id number so i dont have to search the logs manually

    I have the exact same issue has been going on for last several hours. i dont want to lose my server's data. I submitted a ticket but if they dont respond in next few days my server will be out of runtime. i need to ensure all my data is safe before i can renew and if it runs out of runtime i usually have issues restoring data.

    Ok so after the recent Ark Genesis update all primitive plus servers were broken and unable to start. During that period rather than have my server be idle after i paid for it i decided to convert it from Primitive Plus to Survival Evolved. I read up in nitrado faqs i think that swapping wouldnt have been an issue because server backups were constantly saved. I moved forward with the transition and used the same map as primitive plus. I was on the survival evolved server for almost 2 weeks (which was way longer than expected) because that was how long it took Wildcard the game developers to fix the Prim + server issues. Once the servers returned i converted my server back over to Primitive Plus only to find all my data was gone. Everything that every player had built and all items. Characters were intact but world reset. I tried to restore back ups as far back as possible but i was only able to go within 2 days of the actual relevant save date. Everything prior to that has been overwritten and i cannot back it up so my server remains blank. Ive attempted every kind of restore available via the backup page and gone back as far as possible cannot get to the day when the server issues first arose. I cant imagine having everything deleted. Can nitrado support see more backups than I can or is that it and my save files gone? I tried to explain my issue as clearly as possible sorry for long read.

    Glitchy nitrado app gave me two of the same servers. which is useless since i can only use one at a time. my money was taken prompt or confirmation just two charges to my card and no way to seek help or refund it through microsoft system. i just want this taken care of quickly so i can move to actually using the server i purchased rather than wasting my money on a service i cant use