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    Modded servers need to manually add the new items and change the appropriate values for various items ourself, theres also changes outside the types.xml file that need to be made.

    Theres 3 ways you can go about it;

    1. Wipe your server, full reinstall, then script your server again using copy-paste from your modified files.
    2. Get the original 1.08 files, then script them using again, copy-paste from your modified files.
    3. The hard way, my way. Get the original 1.08 files, find everything from the new update from all the files, copy it over to your .xml files and make your adjustments.

    Im saying .xml files, because the types.xml file is far from the only file which need to be changed.

    The original 1.08 files can either be gotten by reinstalling the server, resetting to default .xml's on server restart, buy a new server (what I did, didnt have patience to wait for the server to make a backup).
    Dont take my words for wizdom, find out for yourself..

    Sorry it took so long, heres the default tyes.xml file for Livonia.

    I didnt do any wipes or anything to get all the items to work, instead i found all the items in the types.xml file and added them into my modified files. However the types.xml file isnt the only change, if you dont wipe you should look carefully through all the files and make sure you do the appropriate changes. I also tested if the black and green Sporter 22 would spawn, they didnt.

    supremesnow32 Just make sure you dont use youtube or anything like that for advice, there a few streamers out there who give out false information, they claim to give you working setups but in reality they dont mix well with other events or setups, their values and parameters are mostly incorrect for the most part. (I.e. scalespeeder gaming, melodic heals, donsibleygames and a few more). They claim to have tutorials on how to modify your server, but anyone with some degree of pc knowledge can tell u those guys dont have a clue, they're just DayZ gamers who are messing around with parameters, and most of what they "know" they have been told, and therefore they are also unable to understand or even know anything about the .xml files they are changing, and for the most part they simply ignore most of the lines except the nominal values and whatnot.

    In other words, you should learn how to script yourself, changing .xml files is scripting, not modding, these are facts of life.

    you can make it so the base raising tools are showing up less frequently. That's about the only way on console at the moment

    On the contrary, you can remove all the raidtools so they dont appear at all or even exist in the game. You dont need any of those tools for building, spawn in planks and logs ready for taking, increase the hammers and shovels, youre done. You got yourself a server with no tools to raid, only to build.

    I have a complete and fully working anti-raid setup, theres no raidtools at all on the map, not even saws, hatchets or anything else. We have made so logs and planks spawn at plankspawns to balance the removal of all the tools that can cut trees. Youre welcome to come try and raid :D

    Was Wondering if there is a possible way to restore the walls and bases as soon as a server reset the walls and full bases which people have worked hours on have dissapeared? any suggestions please

    You have probably changed the values in the economy.xml file, it should look like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>


    <dynamic init="1" load="1" respawn="1" save="1"/>

    <animals init="1" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"/>

    <zombies init="1" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"/>

    <vehicles init="1" load="1" respawn="1" save="1"/>

    <randoms init="0" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"/>

    <custom init="0" load="0" respawn="0" save="0"/>

    <building init="0" load="0" respawn="0" save="1"/>

    <player init="1" load="1" respawn="1" save="1"/>


    You probably have dynamic load or save set to 0 by the sound of your first message there. It disables persistence for dynamic items, such as planks, tents and such.

    Here's a configuration to increase wolf spawns, and also the min and max amount of wolves in a pack:


    <event name="AnimalWolf">









    <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="1"/>





    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="9" min="3" type="Animal_CanisLupus_Grey"/>

    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="9" min="3" type="Animal_CanisLupus_White"/>



    <event name="AmbientHen">









    <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0"/>





    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="2" min="1" type="Animal_GallusGallusDomesticus"/>

    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="4" min="1" type="Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_Brown"/>

    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="4" min="1" type="Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_Spotted"/>

    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="4" min="1" type="Animal_GallusGallusDomesticusF_White"/>




    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>


    <var name="AnimalMaxCount" type="0" value="250"/>

    NOTE: AmbientHen disabled to balance the wolves, and also to increase performance in cities, villages, etc.
    Global Max Animal count increased to 250 from the default value of 200, combined with removing Hens off the map, this should make sure the wolves are indeed boosted.

    Sorry if i wasnt clear enough:) What i mean is that there is no urgent use for certain items, small stones being one of them. Ive found zombies with stone knifes i think, but there are multiple items u have to craft, but they can also be set to spawn around the map instead. Lets say if you remove all raidtools, then u cant make wooden logs or large stones without pickaxe, but you can make so they spawn on the map instead to remove the need for certain items you may not want on your server. F.ex. i have set large stones to spawn in the farm category because there are no pickaxes on the server.

    And i think some events use a lot of resources, i cant confirm for a fact removing stones helped, but at least it doesnt hurt, and removes the chance of them making ur car spin and kill you, also i cant confirm if thats why car flip sometimes on dirt roads, but hey, worth a shot! No apologies needed!

    Same exception goes for Small Stones, even if you set nominal to 0 they will still spawn everywhere in the world all over the place, unless you deactivate the events called "TrajectoryStones", which you should deactivate anyway bc theres currently no use for small stones in the game at all. They simply exist to make ur car crash and kill everyone inside. Same with the hens, theres no need for them and they lag up the servers in towns where they spawn.

    Added 4 new possible locations for Heli/Cargoplane Crashsites:
    Close to Hedrykow Prison, (Hillside)

    Close to Wrzeszcz (Forest opening, close to Bear spawn)

    Radio Tower at Polana (Close to Bear spawn)

    South of Dolnik (Place seemed empty with not a lot of rewards)


    <event name="StaticHeliCrash">

    <zone smin="1" smax="3" dmin="3" dmax="5" r="45" />

    <pos x="11844.371094" z="6020.828613" a="357.697601" />

    <pos x="10772.458984" z="7141.783691" a="236.599503" />

    <pos x="6357.467285" z="5393.447754" a="4.996732" />

    <pos x="9537.379883" z="6346.113769" a="298.912109" />

    <pos x="6507.537598" z="3160.664062" a="241.351349" />

    <pos x="9395.842773" z="8118.120605" a="168.518341" />

    <pos x="3826.167236" z="725.191772" a="72.453087" />

    <pos x="11606.522461" z="4326.942871" a="10.140474" />

    <pos x="9916.824219" z="3880.88208" a="32.136044" />

    <pos x="9935.674805" z="5458.304199" a="329.921448" />

    <pos x="11722.352539" z="7612.571777" a="163.276627" />

    <pos x="7122.116699" z="5103.704101" a="292.347717" />

    <pos x="8957.305664" z="5408.166504" a="305.672455" />

    <pos x="1902.029053" z="2396.375976" a="305.231537" />

    <pos x="5421.377442" z="1441.891357" a="153.467041" />

    <pos x="7781.773926" z="997.603821" a="236.305603" />

    <pos x="10454.764648" z="4566.578125" a="71.130417" />

    <pos x="10513.841797" z="7460.008789" a="14.157501" />

    <pos x="11075.945312" z="2103.969238" a="7.593108" />

    <pos x="12284.845703" z="6532.125488" a="168.800293" />

    <pos x="10770.838867" z="5033.983398" a="14.402428" />

    <pos x="9799.932617" z="5986.262207" a="296.511719" />

    <pos x="9493.401367" z="6859.635254" a="332.174927" />

    <pos x="11390.188477" z="5130.928223" a="171.016739" />

    <pos x="10392.649414" z="6202.329102" a="226.997894" />

    <pos x="11457.69043" z="6532.165527" a="300.234802" />

    <pos x="11288.463867" z="3901.264893" a="341.482605" />

    <pos x="10066.341797" z="7019.535645" a="60.353058" />

    <pos x="11164.566406" z="6245.58252" a="25.130795" />

    <pos x="12028.506836" z="5253.910644" a="276.524628" />

    <pos x="9593.34375" z="8950.186523" a="169.633057" />

    <pos x="12300.630859" z="4292.416504" a="107.773361" />

    <pos x="12352.316406" z="3855.271484" a="247.376831" />

    <pos x="9671.808594" z="1155.7594" a="65.545807" />

    <pos x="11581.37793" z="3195.328857" a="299.695923" />

    <pos x="11776.484375" z="930.251892" a="70.248642" />

    <pos x="9270.135742" z="7127.370117" a="45.754696" />

    <pos x="3976.023682" z="6856.164063" a="117.374977" />

    <pos x="2639.861328" z="6405.301758" a="189.473114" />

    <pos x="6727.75" z="6937.537109" a="1.371592" />

    <pos x="6486.924316" z="7557.751953" a="270.646088" />

    <pos x="2441.762207" z="4908.613281" a="195.498657" />

    <pos x="6836.494629" z="8600.134766" a="190.550873" />

    <pos x="4286.803223" z="6212.870117" a="132.904129" />

    <pos x="5397.504883" z="6689.651367" a="176.442398" />

    <pos x="740.898437" z="5043.588867" a="70.0037" />

    <pos x="7265.016113" z="7720.161133" a="68.681" />

    <pos x="6995.759766" z="6220.584473" a="4.310974" />

    <pos x="7938.515137" z="6592.683594" a="4.849762" />

    <pos x="8678.618164" z="6389.382813" a="26.257509" />

    <pos x="4607.828125" z="6965.80957" a="200.789352" />

    <pos x="7298.620117" z="8475.169922" a="300.332794" />

    <pos x="2734.593262" z="5628.562988" a="210.831863" />

    <pos x="7512.816406" z="7044.394531" a="42.374527" />

    <pos x="5499.094238" z="7905.272461" a="310.571228" />

    <pos x="6220.04834" z="6929.438477" a="297.638458" />

    <pos x="7796.510742" z="7870.70459" a="112.280243" />

    <pos x="7900.789551" z="8257.776367" a="171.445618" />

    <pos x="8546.589844" z="8372.402344" a="250.377197" />

    <pos x="7776.442383" z="8989.429688" a="69.693436" />

    <pos x="8356.177734" z="9151.981445" a="134.569748" />

    <pos x="9198.206055" z="6041.199219" a="285.832367" />

    <pos x="8241.619141" z="6025.999512" a="141.819946" />

    <pos x="8490.319336" z="2832.061035" a="27.825129" />

    <pos x="7188.131348" z="3713.572266" a="338.102417" />

    <pos x="6369.329102" z="6150.516602" a="162.933716" />

    <pos x="4725.089844" z="3215.219727" a="331.929962" />

    <pos x="7088.905273" z="5616.130371" a="357.942535" />

    <pos x="6868.194824" z="4171.091797" a="174.874771" />

    <pos x="761.743042" z="3605.641846" a="82.054726" />

    <pos x="3503.032715" z="4181.35791" a="126.241791" />

    <pos x="4873.035156" z="5679.072754" a="142.983643" />

    <pos x="6783.110352" z="4831.280762" a="127.368523" />

    <pos x="5689.485352" z="5770.709473" a="316.449738" />

    <pos x="8360.750976" z="5494.712402" a="17.831593" />

    <pos x="5924.764648" z="5012.937988" a="24.787872" />

    <pos x="8371.013672" z="7563.428223" a="62.508549" />

    <pos x="5521.995605" z="4904.76416" a="46.440514" />

    <pos x="5911.780762" z="3579.843506" a="274.124268" />

    <pos x="4634.44" z="4824.71" a="236.599503" />

    <pos x="8768.79" z="4414.09" a="82.054726" />

    <pos x="3911.65" z="1928.48" a="127.368523" />

    <pos x="11030.14" z="540.72" a="174.874771" />


    No crashsites have been removed, only 4 new possible added (Bottom 4)

    And in the cfgsrandompresets.xl file unless they are removed from there too. But the jeans and joggingshoes i mentioned has always been 0 by default, which is why i think they are spawning in bc of other events, like i.e. in nearby buildings close to a zombie herd or other misc events, but yeah i agree thats the general rule when it comes to items spawning in the world, unless its set to spawn in cargo and such, not normal lootable places as u say.

    Ive removed all the lines under the flag counts on all the raidtools, as well as setting nominal and such to 0, gone through the other files to make sure they dont spawn inside cargo, on zombies or anywhere else, waited a few hours and nobody has seen any raidtools since:)