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    Great, so how about we get an update, that doesn't wipe the entire server? I'm back to Day 0 on mine after a second update, that just finished.

    EDIT: I'm currently loading a third backup, I'm quite certain the second was before the update though, so I'm not very hopeful it helps.

    EDIT2: Got it fixed, thanks to Ivy on discord :)

    Also a quick note for everyone stuck on waiting for the servers to update:

    (1) Disable automatic updates in Steam (set it to update only when you launch).

    (2) Remove steam from autostart in your OS.

    (3) Add a desktop icon for the game.

    That way the game will already be running when Steam loads, which means it won't be updated. Kill steam before exiting the game and you'll stay on the older version until you actually want to update. When you do, just close the game, go to Steam and press Play. It's gonna update.