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    Hey guys/gals thanks for taking the time to read my question. I'm new to server stuff and wanted to start an ARK server for some friends and I, maybe randoms eventually. Im a little lost on the settings though. I want open world PvP to be a thing, but I dont want bases to be raidable. There was an option for this in Conan called PvE-C. You can fight people and their tames, but their structures cannot be damaged.

    Essentially I want this but in ARK. PvP all the time, death and full loot, but bases cant be touched. I know I can just tell peole the rules but I dont want to leave room for mistakes. Could someone explain to me in layman's terms how to make this happen?

    Again, full PvP all the time, but bases cannot be raided. Players/tames always available to kill, just not structures.

    I think I can just set structure resist multiplier to like .0000000001 to achieve this, but I want to double check here.