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    To restart your server use the restart in the .xml file. Doing it that way will display the server restart countdown via the in game messages. You are going to have to go in the 'Automated Tasks' under the 'Tools' tab and delete the default server restart automated command.

    you get that when you give the server a command. When I get it I request a server reset. Once I click server restart and it looks like it's not doing anything and I try another server restart it will give me that error. You just have to wait until the server decides it wants to restart. Sometimes there is a delay and can take a little while to do what it's trying to do.

    Yes, once server restarts it will reset the countdown at 180. Once you do that you never have to mess with it again. And yes if there are desync issues and I'm not around to be able to reset server it will reset it self every 3 hours. Some desync issues can be corrected by logging out the sever and then back in. But when things get stuck in containers or car trucks the only fix is to reset the server. If you have the server time persistence on and the server restarts the time in game will be what it was at the time of server restart. If you do not have it on it will reset the time to morning. Not sure of the time but around 7am ish. To sync your server to real time is hard. Even tho a server restarts it's not always on time. It could restart 5 mins after it was supposed too. Then it takes a few mins to restart to the timed keep drifting. But make sure you delete the automated task server restart.

    Things spawn in from the sky. I never put them in buildings because in the past I have had them get destroyed when server restarts. I have noticed the 2 times my car despawned it was in the woods or on a path. Every car I have left on a road or close to one has never despawned. This was a problem in 1.04 but it seemed to be fixed in 1.05. I have let to have it happen.

    The first part in the file is the server restart command. It will display a count down in game. You just have to put in with minutes when you want the server to reset.

    This is what mine looks like. I have it for 3 hours until BI fixes the stupid desync. Your message needs to be in between the <text> </text> part. Make sure you have the other server restart default deleted. It's under automated tasks I believe.




    <text>***SERVER RESTART*** in #tmin Minutes.</text>


    hey guys, i after looking around for a month now trying to figure the time multiplier i finally found a YouTube video that helps me a lot. There's also a spreadsheet link on there that all you have to do is put in the amount of day/night time you want and it give you the correct settings automatically

    Thank me later :-)

    The video he has li led is by far the best one out there. He also goes over how to do the .ath to figure out your own configurations.

    why do somethings show up on one tab and not the other? The log seems to split it self into a few different tabs and I cant figure out what's what. Can anyone help?

    Anytime, Do checkout the advance log viewer, helps more rather than reading 100k lines

    I tried your heat map but I do not get any of the filter options you have in the video. Also the only way I can see anything on the heat map is if I put a person's name in and then it shows them on the map.

    Thanks. Ya I had the reduce log feature box checked. Once I unchecked the box I started getting my kill logs and stuff like that. Thanks for the help!

    It says you can ban by player name or player ID. Where do I go to find someones player ID. The only thing under log files for me is the server restart log. Does anyone else with an xbox server have more then one type of log?

    I have came across the same issue. From what I have seen on youtube for help you need to use the XML File. The top command in the file allows you to set the server reset and then it does show a countdown in the game via the server messages. Plus you can have other messages too! There is a really good youtube video out there that shows what you need to do. You have to delete some text to turn on the commands. You might also still get that time difference on the restarts. My server is turned on at let's say at noon, At 2 it reset. (I have it set for ever 2 hours until dayz fix desync.) By the time the reset was done and it was up again it was like 4 or 5 mins later. As soon as the server comes back up that timer starts counting down. So you wont have on the dot resets. They will start drifting off the hour you had it set for.

    My server has been stopping itself with out a Stop Command. It shows nothing in logs showing a Stop Command. I have check the server status almost everyday in the morning. It shows it's running. Then I get a message through xbox from a friend asking where the server went. I go and check status and the server shows its Stopped... I have contacted support and they have switched my server to different hardware but the problem still persists. Do I just wait for it to happen again and then email support its stopped and let them look at logs showing not stop command? I keep telling them it keeps stopping and I feel like they think I'm crazy lol. Any help is appreciated.