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    Suddenly today when i wanted to play in my server i got this error in picture but then i checked absolutly all mods and all mods didn't got any update. Yesterday and lot of weeks, my server worked fine, i have already try to restart and force update each mods and also a backup.

    this is my mods:

    gameusersetting.ini ->


    game.ini ->

    ModIDS=2203473621; Ark: Uncut 2.1 (NSFW)
    ModIDS=731604991; Structure plus
    ModIDS=874109084; Builder's Companion
    ModIDS=1837445660; Death Inventory Keeper
    ModIDS=770854372; Armor Stand
    ModIDS=1445181373; rp visual storage
    ModIDS=893904615; OzoCraft 1.7
    ModIDS=741203089; eco's RP Decor
    ModIDS=2718889517; RR-Gardendeko and more! -New Version-
    ModIDS=1976698613; RR-HomeDeko and more!
    ModIDS=2840651426; RR-MedievalRoleplayDeco!
    ModIDS=2357644511; MarniiMods: Hairstyles
    ModIDS=2658259820; Clothing_Mod
    ModIDS=1957185915; Revive My Dino - Dino Resurrection

    If someone know where the issue could be and how i can fix it.

    Hello, I ask the question in the title to know if we will be notified or if someone has information for the Greenwich time (France) when I can restart my server to activate the event while being set to "current official event".

    I've already try to restart and wipe all wild dinos this morning but i can't restart each hour to verify.

    thank you