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    So.. today we started uploading items for our map transfer on our little 10 player server. While I was loading up things I suddenly get booted to the menu with a "host timed out" error.

    Since that very moment, I started experiencing "host timed out" errors putting me into the menu every 20 to 25 seconds. 100% reproducable.

    It's happening on several different servers.

    It's happening on two different (!) computers in different subnets, one of them on solid LAN, with entirely different builds. claims my internet is stable as usually..

    Same time, other players on the same servers are not experiencing this issue.

    I have no single player games on any of the computers I used to test this issue.

    To be save I did file integrity checks on all my machines.

    As I was desperate to try and solve this issue I reinstated a backup from a time before my crashes on our server, but it didn't change anything.

    Has anybody experienced something similar and could give me a clue about where to start looking ?

    I did some more trying and testing before I contacted support. They answered:


    The rest of the mail links wiki and the forum asking me to look for help there..

    Guess I am out of luck..



    The Support is primarily responsible for providing fast and competitive help in case of serious errors regarding the rented service.

    This is only possible if the support staff are able to focus on these serious issues. That's why we appreciate your understanding in regards to this kind of configuration related questions. Please consider using the tools provided by Nitrado and its community to look up your request, before writing an answer to this ticket.

    there has to be another setting altering the amount of time uploads are available, then. I altered these settings' numbers several times during the last week.

    I tried "259200" in all three lines. I put in one unit of clay in the "ARK DATA" tab and returned after 24 hours. It was gone.

    Then I tried "518400" in all three lines.. Same again - no more clay after 24 hours.

    Then I tried "129600" in all three lines.. Same, gone after 24 hours.

    The settings I am altering definitely don't change anything about the time the items stay available after the download.

    We are currently playing on ragnarok and would like to migrate to an old "the island" backuped map, using only a single server. For that I would really love to increase the tribute upload time. I tried to disable or atleast increase the 24-hours timer (by that I mean an uploaded item disappearing after 24 hours) but so far my attempts failed.

    I tried to achieve this by playing with these settings:

    Tribute Item Expiration Seconds

    Tribute Dino Expiration Seconds

    Tribute Character Expiration Seconds

    I am not using expert mode. I tried to set these values in the web interface to "0" or to "31449600", but that didn't change anything at all - if I upload an item it still shows the 24 hour upload timer.

    I also tried to look for a way to disable the timer at all, but it seems that is only possible by removing the cluster ID - which I will need to re-download everything after reinstating "the island" map on my server, so that I can't do.

    Is there anyone who managed to increase or disable the tribute upload timers who could give me any hints on how to achieve that ?

    so - after replacing SS by S+ and removing…iledetails/?id=2179515434, things became even worse. Occasionally I would be able to use my server for a few hours after reinstating a backup, but after every restart it would run into another hang.

    I just did comprehensive troubleshooting (almost 50 steps) by restoring backups and known-good mod configurations. I regained my servers stability by removing this mod, which you considered "green":

    Steam Workshop::Breed Better! (

    I was so sad to realise this one is an issue. I really loved to use it.

    I contacted the mod creator about the issue via workshop and offered to provide additional data. I really hope this can be fixed.

    Al the other mods (1999447172,1905043084,1404697612,1621803973,758620733) seem to work just fine. They lived through my comprehensive testing.

    I took a deeper dive into the workshop now - and somehow it seems there are only very mods that were recently updated. The majority of them go back to 2020, 2019, 2018...

    Do you know any "recent" known good mods that help with crafting element ? or finding tribe members on the map ?

    in case anyone gets helped by this, this is what the support suggested I try next:

    1st: Reinstall the server again

    2nd: Let the server run for 10 minutes (without any reinstated backups)

    3rd: Stop the server

    4th: Load map saves and files and input mod id's

    5th: Save Changes

    6th: Start the server

    thank you so much for your reply! I didn't find a checkbox called "PC/Steam only" but I did find a line called "allowed Platforms". It says "allow only steam players" - is that the one ?

    I have reinstalled the server to get my files in the correct order again.

    You also said: "Also note with that many mods, you may want to wait ~1hr for them to install" does that mean mod installation may not have completed after the server already started itself up ?

    I recently reinstalled my ARK server because it ran into a crashstack after I tried to reinstate a map backup.

    Before the crashstack I had used automatic mod updates. Trying to understand the reason for crashing I learned that auto-updating mods might be a bad idea, so I decided to test mods in a single player game and FTP the .mod files and the folders to the server, using "manual update" in the dropdown menu as a setting this time around.

    The server starts and the game loads just fine using the files I uploaded from the previous installation, however without any mods at all. Even though I listed them using the web interface field "active mods" ("731604991,1404697612,2179515434,2844898431,1621803973,758620733" in my case) the game does not seem to accept any of them.

    Switching to expert mode I realised that that gameusersettings.ini did not contain the mods I entered in the webinterface under "active mods". Instead, the line "activemods" was completely missing in gameusersettings.ini. I then added the line "ActiveMods=731604991,1404697612,2179515434,2844898431,1621803973,758620733" manually, even though I felt a little insecure about the proper location of the line.

    Sadly that didn't help - the server would still come online without any of my mods.

    Are there any suggestions for further troubleshooting-steps ?