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    My servers all say running, they say there are no issues when I go to server check. It's just not showing up in the ark list. I did submit a ticket so now I guess I just wait and hope people still come back to play. If they don't, I guess I'll be saving about 80 bucks a month. Bright side to everything.

    all three of my servers r down

    Which servers or maps do you have? Not sure if it matters, just wondering what the differences could be between the ones down and the ones still running. I know nothing of this stuff. Mine running are extinction and rag. Ab and Val are down on my servers and my two linked are center and se. Not sure if they've been rolled back yet.

    I don't think this one will be a wild card issue only because there are over 6000 rented servers showing up for people to join and play. this has to be a nitrado issue but until we get a real reply or someone on the phone we wont know for sure.

    My issue wasn't WC related last time either, but they still tried to blame them. I was just starting to get a decent player base. I give up. lol I've been trying to call for over an hour as well. Phone is constantly busy.

    Same. I did a rollback, like I always do when Ark brings us an update and 2 of my servers are still not showing up. Last issue they blamed on ark. I had to figure it out myself. Always something with Nitrado.

    I'm having the same problem! All of my codes I've typed are working except for the gmsummon codes. I also have two other admins on my server whose codes are working fine for them so it's just me. I'm hand typing them, not copy and pasting from another website. I've been having this problem for the last 2 or three days and it's frustrating.