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    Also - in Filezilla:

    Goto Transfer menu

    Transfer Type

    Select Binary.

    Using the other two options can lead to corrupted files going up - I had so many issues with 7dtd until someone showed me this. No problems since I selected Binary as the transfer method.

    Adr :)


    As the title says really....

    under the scenarios list in the general settings it only lists the default worlds - not the scenarios like Lost Colony/Frostbite etc.

    I can see the scenarios are on the server - but how the heck do I start a fresh game with one? No matter what I do the server just keeps booting up with the survival game we have been playing for a while.....


    Adr :)

    Well It sees the Server now Mbelsten but now it says when I try to connect that I need to enable Anticheat and I have no idea how to do that through the ModLauncher.

    So - initially you would have a copy of the game through the mod launcher then added darkness falls mod. Did your Vanilla install of 7dtd have EAC enabled or disabled?

    If it was disabled you probably need to redo it ensuring it is enabled.

    Sorry to be vague - not seen that problem before so unsure how to fix it... I know in the serverconfig.xml file you can set it to true or false - but that just might be for when you start a sp game rather than going into a server.....

    I am having an issue like this, i can access my web interface, had the server for a while was running fine till the update. I setup the new volcanic tile and then activated it, for 2 days my game has been at deactivating the old tile and activating the new tile but the new tile just says No game server available for hosting.

    This has been 2 days now havent been bale to get my server up and running since the update. The issue is not on my end, nothing i can do about it other than reinstall my server and make people lose an entire months worth of progress, which if that has to happen i want a refund for that 30 days worth of lost progress.

    You cannot wipe your server. Remember all the files are at Donkey Crews end.

    You can reinstall the nitrado bit to your hearts content - it won't affect the game files and no-one will lose progress.

    Installed A19 and put an A19 Nitrogen map up.

    After starting it does all the usual stuff in the log files until I get this:

    Anyone able to translate what that means?

    Works fine with Navezgane...

    Simple answer - you don't wipe it.

    Complex answer - you need to got through the Darkness falls mod Server files and copy them to the corresponding files on the Nitrado server. Make sure you overwrite. Go into each directory and copy the files across so they are in the right location etc. Any extra directories Dfalls has - create them in the same place on the server.

    You also need to be using the non experimental version on the server, at least until Dfalls is updated for A19.

    Once you have done this - it should work, you will only know when you can successfully log into the game on the server.

    If you are using Nitrogen to create the maps make sure you add the two DFalls POI's to the POI files otherwise you wont be able to "complete" the game so to speak.

    Took a bit of faffing around but I got there in the end - good luck!

    On my hard map:

    plenty of of q100 wood.

    Reasonable amount of q80 Cattail

    Small amount of Q80 Fibre

    Reasonable amount of Q80 Stone

    One large patch of Q80 Ash (which the crab lives on - sniping time with fire bolts from a distance)

    No bones over Q16 - have to switch tot he crater map and wait if I need those....

    One tiny patch on a clay patch of Q1 clay found so far and as I said we have all but given up looking as its soul destroying...

    Zero quality rupu vines found sof ar other than one single Rupu village which spawns at Q25 on my med map..

    So Rupu and clay are basically stuck at Q0.

    We had no quality Bones on our hard map - none.

    Our Iron crater map has 3 groups of 3 though - but that in itself is annoying because we have to have the map active for at least 20 hours before we can harvest it. All the while the clock on our hard map is stopped as its not active....

    Roll on multi tile servers......... I do have hope they will come from the setting in Myrealms that says its mode is Single Oasis, suggesting there is a multi oasis mode...

    I've been searching hard too.

    I can confirm that quality clay does exist - my SE gets q44 clay with q80 ash but i did find one tiny patch on a clay area that gave q45. Useless but it proved they do exist.

    It looks like the patches of q clay are tiny though - so just testing in a few spots is likely to mean missing them.

    It is an incredibly frustrating part of the game - expecting us to spend hours and hours moving an SE a few feet each time to check for Quality clay..... We've given up trying to find any tbh. It's a game - not a job.

    I can start/stop the server from Nitrado's end no problem - only take a minute or two.

    Just switched Oasis on the my realm and it goes through ok but still says No game server available for hosting...

    Looks like the link between Nitrado and Donkey Crew is broken some how.

    automatic - but its still saying oasis is active but no game server to host on - Nitrado Dashboard says server is up.....

    So my update is done but the server is offline - my mates is online but the server has not updated......

    currently the only way to do it is to reinstall the server, basically wiping everything, the ability to remove and generate new Oasis is in the works but may be a month or longer before we receive it, this is a restriction by the developer and Nitrado has no capability of changing that without the Developers adding that feature

    We tried to wipe ours today - so far as we can see you can't.... Remember the server itself is all hosted at Donkey Crews end - not Nitrado's.

    So uninstalling it via nitrado and reinstalling just brings you right back to where you were before. Going to back up on the nitrado side also does nothing.

    I'm sure it will change but right now you are stuck with whatever maps you get when you generate them and you cannot reset your character either :)