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    My friend has an Ark server and has previously given me full guess access rights. Last night we were attempting to add a third user but it wouldn't "save" the settings. Stupidly, we decided we would revoke my guest access rights and try adding him to test if only one guess access right could be given at a time and now we are unable to give guess access to either of us!

    This is what happens:

    - Server owner signs in and clicks on "Edit guest access rights"

    - The window with "Change service access rights" comes up prompting for a username

    - He correctly types one of our usernames (confirmed by ID number)

    - A list of toggle-able access options are displayed and the appropriate options are selected

    - Server owner clicks "save" at the bottom right

    - The "Change service access rights" section disappears and a green text claiming "Changes have been saved" is displayed at the top of the window

    - No server access is granted to either user (including a user that has successfully received guest access rights in the past)

    My guess is that the issue is on the Nitrado side of things unless we are missing something...

    *We have tried this with the server on and the server off*

    *Users are white-listed and admin-listed just in case that matters*

    1. What are we missing, if anything?

    2. Is there a limit or cool down period for granting guess access?

    3. How many guests access slots are allowed at one time?

    Thank you for your help