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    I'm trying to find out how to add mods to my server but can't find any option to.

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    On here I can see that the stone, metal and fire package all state that Oxide Mod is pre-installed but it doesn't state this on the custom package, which is the one I chose when I set up my server.

    I've checked every part of the web interface for the server but there is nothing mentioning mods at all so I'm quite confused as to how to add them / if it's supported on the custom package?

    These are the only options I see via web interface > general settings

    Server name Beansprout
    Enter your server name.

    Server password
    If you want to protect your server with a password, please enter it here.

    Admin password
    This password is needed for controlling your server.

    Game Server Login Token (GSLT)
    The Steam GSLT associates a server with a steam account. The token can be generated at The App ID for The Forest is 242760.

    Enables the Valve Anti Cheat system.

    Auto save in minutes
    Auto save the game in the given amount of minutes

    Please select a difficulty for the server.

    Allow building destruction
    Structures can be destroyed if this option is enabled.

    Allow Enemies
    Enables Enemies. (Creative mode only)

    Enable cheats
    Activates the extended mode where cheats are allowed.

    Init Type
    New or continue a game. Must be set to "New" or "Continue"

    Save Slot
    Slot to save the game

    Vegan mode
    Activates the -veganMode parameter.

    Vegetarian mode
    Activates the -vegetarianMode parameter.

    Reset holes mode
    Activates the -resetHolesMode parameter.

    Tree regrow mode
    Activates the -treeRegrowMode parameter

    I've never used Oxide before so I may just be missing something really simple. I can see that Oxide has now changed to uMod and I've found the link for The Forest page uMod - Games - The Forest which downloads TheForestDecicatedServer_Data folder but I have no idea where to place this. I'm guessing I can just FTP across to my server to move this folder onto it but does it just need to go at the root directory? Another problem I'm having is that I can't actually find any plugins for The Forest at all on uMod. The only mod that I actually want to install is a map. Any help / advice is appropriated :)