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    I own a dayz server , and the only reason I knew it was for ps4 because it says it on the game server page and I also seen ark for ps4 but that's all I seen. I would like renting more but it would be a pain to start doing the steps to get one just to find out you can't. Thanks for the help

    ok I found it but I am having all kinda problems. Ask for password I put it in it said wrong password so I tried again . Said wrong password . I know it's correct even no cap. So I go to my settings rename server take password off save changes restart server. Still has old server name and asking for a password. So I reinstalled save restart still same thing.. I am starting to get irritated. My days server is great this not so great.

    First I want to thank you for taking the time to read and maybe help. As of late i seen where people are posting join my mod server or now with more loot. I am not asking for a miracle but i would love to do some stuff on my server, but thats where my problem starts . i have tried to read on some stuff but that stuff is way over this 50 year olds head lol. But if anyone could take the time just to show me me a few things i would be mighty happy. Once again thank you.:)

    Ok so first can I tell who has logged on my server. And can I see what they have done while on the server. Next thing I been wanting to do things on my server to have more fun and control. I have been all over Google and these forum but for someone trying to learn the ends and outs I am getting , yea you can do that, and no you can't do that. All i want to do is have some fun while trying to learn. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    I would like to thank you for help. I have looked at the wiki page and there's a lot to take in. I am very new to this, but I am enjoying it. Trying to understand some of this well it's not going good but I am sure trying. Once again thank you

    I want to start a server with dayz on ps4. Why is it saying pre order when I see them now. And is there a wait, or can I pay for one now. And have it for tonight?