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    Hi all,

    By using a mod, I have access to new characters. For example I have a new monster called "Cockatrice". Can I replace for example the pawns of "tyrex" of the game by "cockatrices"?

    Here is the code that makes the cockatrice appear:

    cheat spawndino "blueprint '/ game / mods / pyria / creatures / wildlife / Cockatrice / Cockatrice_Character_BP.Cockatrice_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 150



    Unfortunately I am in expert mode and therefore the line that we see on your "screen print" is no longer present in my configuration panel. Could you tell me how to do it via a command line? And I suppose that this line will be added to the "game.ini" file? Is the line in question this one? (I found the information on a forum)

    PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild [2] = 1.5


    I would like to know if I can remove the fact that the players can "put the dinos" to sleep, remove the torpor in short? Even when I strike with my bare hands, I see that the dino begins to have its torpor go up quickly. I don't find it very realistic for the server I want to create. With all the options there are, it's hard to find. I have to change values at random, save and restart the server. It's especially long since I use some mods

    Thank you

    Hi all,

    Thx but I guess this tutorial only works with a server "7D2D alpha" ? If Nitrado only installs the latest versions of the game, I have trouble understanding how you can install a "mod" for example only working on an "Alpha 16" version. It's possible ?


    How is it that the forum does not include the choice of French or German as old when we create a new "thread" ?