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    Hey so I run Space Wars!, and I’ll tell you, the performance of the servers do not match the slot count. I have a 100 slot and can barely hold 25 at once, the game itself isn’t very stable and Nitrado doesn’t allow server upgrades (Ram and such) on Xbox servers, which is completely unfair and crappy. You gotta get more slots to hold a minimal amount of people

    How do you turn these on? The update says it’s available but it’s definitely not. No selection available for them. Any help would be appreciated

    Those IDs are still on Dayz, Ark, Atlas, and every other xbox server game.

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Its really not that hard to just add a simple button for promote to admin.

    You'll have to get it via these instructions, though you may need to own the PC version of Space engineers possibly to download the server tools.

    Dedicated Servers - SPACE ENGINEERS (

    Does this work? Because I also primarily play on xbox and the Xbox servers is what I'm going to use.

    Yes it does

    "Ive had some hackers come to my server and im gonna tell yall how to find and ban them Using the Vrage Remote Client.

    So their name will not pop up, however there will be a blank line entry with "*****" (5) stars, and admins can only get "****" (4) stars.

    Simply click on their 5 stars and press ban.

    Warning, this will kick all members from the server for a few seconds while it bans the cheater."