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    I have updated the mods on the mods list and when I start the server it doesn't show up when i search. When I try to direct connect it tells me it took too long. With a few days left of time and almost two days of not being able to get on, I'm pretty frustrated. Is anyone else having this issue with their server for the Exiled Lands?

    So I had my game set up to do the winter wonderland even because that would be awesome to actually have it. Didn't really like the event because on Valguero nothing really seems to happen except those piles and that wasn't very cool. So i wanted to change it back to the Fear Evolved one because come on, the different colored trees for fall are super cool.

    However, I have stopped the server several times and restarted, saved it to the Fear Evolved as the active event as i did before when it ended after its due time to get the trees and now it won't do it. No piles, no trees, nothing. What am I doing wrong?

    I have multiple times changed this to False yet every single time the server comes on, somehow it ignores me saving it and turns it to True. How do I fix this? I don't want to wipe my server because that will pretty much annoy every single person who has built their base up but this is ridiculous.

    So I switched my server over to Expert Mode so I could actually add all the lines of text to my game.ini and gameusersettings.ini. However, since I have done that, I don't see a way to make my server password protected. That's my users and I want for the server. This is for my friends and me ONLY. I don't want some random people spawning on the map and causing chaos. I also can't see a line with the admin password I set so that I have admin abilities.

    Please help. This is beyond frustrating. There has been NO HELP on the internet in trying to find a solution on my own.


    TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS IT. Ctrl+F Password for starters. Line 140-150 abouts in GameUserSettings.ini. Should look like this






    Hopefully it works