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    I have been playing on Valguero(first map chosen for rented server) for a while, and myself and tribe mate have decided we want to take a break from Valguero and do a different there anyway to save everything(settings/dinos/base) for Valguero to our computer so we can come back to it, or will we lose all the data for that map and have to start over?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You can chose "rename Ark folder" in the load backup section. The savegame will remain on the server. Simply rename it back and you can play Valguero again.

    Which map do you play and what's the max vanilla level on it?

    There is a difference between overriding difficulty at TheIsland and TheCenter, for example. Each one has different max levels on vanilla so overriding causes different max levels,too.

    In your server settings you can change the map of the server and right below there are settings of your backup. If you switch the settings of your backup to "rename ARK folder" (or something like that) the backup will remain on your server. You can switch back to your old backup by simply rename it back.