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Therefore, we inform you that the Nitrado Forum will be closed on March 31, 2023. We are consolidating our community support to our Discord channel, which is faster and more efficient. We have also seen incredible growth in our community due to the hard work of our moderators and our bots. We are confident that this move will ensure that we provide the best support possible for our users.

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    Pretty sure config stuff is something Nitrado will need to add to the UI, as mentioned. Eagerly awaiting this, also.

    Incidentally, does anyone know that the two new "IdleMode" items in global.xml do?

    they basically pause the loot spawns when the server is empty.

    Very interesting, thank you. What is the practical effect of that? Just to slow down cycling to give restock timers more weight?

    Curious about how this works, myself. New territory since this is the first patch since modding went in on console.

    If the update doesn't clear existing XMLs, I was planning to lock main server, download the new XMLs from my test server, rebuild everything from the new files, and re upload the new build to test. Test. Then, assuming it's all good, upload to main server and not wipe.

    Seems like the logical way to go, but not sure what all will happen with the update, either.

    Have been running DayZ servers for Xbox since early Fall, but new to having to deal with consistent log management with my current server. Anyone have any suggestions for bots or utilities to streamline or automate this?

    Really just looking for possible download or backup options. 3 days into manually downloading around the same time every day and I can see it being tedious long term. Plus, it's easy to forget to do.

    Any suggestions anyone has would be greatly apprecated. Thank you!

    If you've cleared your caches, power cycled your router, and reinstalled, the only other thing I can think of to try is deleting your save file. You won't lose anything as everything is server side, but refreshing it has been known to fix some weird issues.

    In fact, I would do it in this order...

    Make sure you have completely quit out of the game (not just dashboarded) by selecting its icon and quitting from the pop-up menu (small button to the right of the Xbox button... always forget what it's called).

    Select "manage game and addons" from the same menu and delete save data by navigating to the icon in that section and using that same button This is important because there is a fast way to do it that only deletes the local save and you want it off the cloud, too, so it doesn't sync your old save again later. If you do this right you'll get a prompt asking you if you want to delete it locally or everywhere. Select everywhere. If you screw this up and delete it the other way and didn't get the option of everywhere, launch the game so it resyncs your save and do all of the above again.

    Uninstall game.

    Clear caches by holding down the power button on the console until it shuts down then unplugging from the wall. Leave it unplugged while you do the next steps.

    Power down router and unplug power for at least 1 min.

    Power router back up and let it sync to isp.

    Power Xbox up, reinstall game, then test.

    This is the most thorough way to make sure you've cleared absolutely everything that I know of. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    It was available for a while or with a workaround or something (was slightly before my time with this), but they patched out whatever gave access because, while that's a key file for modding, there's a high potential for breaking things on console servers with people modding it. Is my understanding, at least. Don Sibley has a couple of videos about it on YouTube if you want to learn more. We are all hoping to eventually get access to it again because it's the "key to the castle" so to speak for so many things, but I'm not aware of any confirmation that we will. So we will have to see.

    That said, in my experience as a player, the best way to deal with rain is to either seek shelter asap and just wait it out or to keep a heat source in a pants or jacket slot (active heat pack, cooked steak, cooked fish, or cooked fat) to offset the temperature drop, keep a vitamin dose active to reduce the chance of catching a cold, and eat extra food to offset the accelerated calorie consumption from being cold. So you might approach what you are doing by making those things more available. I've never found raincoats to be that effective because your pants and hat still get wet and the loss of storage by using it and carrying it around makes it impractical. Some of the military clothing (cuu?) is specifically less absorbent and will stave off the effects of rain in the beginning, but eventually that is soaked too if you stay out in it.

    That looks like the default examples that I'm using. Which are working.

    What in that creates a page break in the text if a particular message is long?

    Edit: Is your suggestion to have multiple messages with the same timer? If I'm reading this right, that will cause them to stack so they appear on screen as separate lines of the same message?

    I'll try this when I'm back at my PC.

    Dont have access to it at the moment, but it's straight copy pasted from the examples to after the massive comment area in the default xml and I changed the timers. The message in question, along with the other 3 I set up, work perfectly, This particular one, though, is long and extends across the screen.

    Trying to add a page break or manually set it with multiple lines of text, or something like that if anything like that is possible. I know I've seen multi-line messages on other servers.

    Been getting server messages set up today. Very straightforward and work great. The shutdown function is fantastic. Didn't work when I last had a server in the fall.

    I can't figure out or find any info on how to have messages that display multiple lines of text. I know I've seen this on other servers but nothing I've tried works and long messages run all the way across the bottom of the screen and off the right side. Tried multiple text entries in the same message and it only seems to read the first one. At a complete loss as to what to try beyond that.

    Anyone know how to do this?

    So, it seems we have 5 now and the times are adjusted from UTC to your time zone. And they seem to happen 5 mins after the scheduled time.

    Anyone figured out a way to do more than 5? Saw someone mention someplace about being able to do every 2 hours. No idea how that's done since the system only allows 5 or you can do them hourly, which is a bit much.

    Really just like to get back to my 4 hour resets I had before. And would love to be able to set a message for them...Can't figure out if the scripts work with Nitrado or if that's just for PC servers.

    Had 6 resets per day set up, every 4 hours. Just went in to shift the times by an hour each and had to delete the existing ones to make changes. So I do.

    Now I'm being told by the system that you can only have 3 of the same event?

    What gives? This game is buggy enough that about every 4 hours is about right. Maybe 6. But the only options are 3 times a day or hourly?

    Whats going on with this?

    Awesome, thank you for the reply.

    Not sure I understand what you are saying about wiping the server. How do you do that?

    That's great news about multiple servers. Thank you.

    Any thoughts on syncing my restarts with my nighttime periods? I found the modifier calculator and set them to 3.75 hour days with 15 min nights (I think...havent been in to see yet) but don't know beyond that. Thinking the server time setting may be of use but have no idea what that does.

    Really appreciate the help.

    Searched around a bit and despite finding some excellent info, couldn't figure out how to do what I'm trying to do in particular so thought I would see if anyone could offer some insight.

    1) My server is up and running but hasn't been played on yet. I have auto restarts set to every 4 hours at 3 am/pm, 7 am/pm and 11 am/pm. I did not see any localization settings for those times, so I assume that goes by the time zone setting on my personal nitrado account? If not, where do I set that?

    2) I'd like to have 4.75ish hour days with short nights, about 15 mins would be perfect, with the middle of it coinciding with the automated server resets. I'm exceedingly bad with simple math so I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping my brain around how to do this. Especially because it seems that with different multipliers for day and night there will be a bit of an offset with real time tgar, will shift when the resets hit over time, no? Or is there a way to sync it so that the resets are always during the short night period, or vice versa as it were?

    3) On Xbox, can we have multiple servers? The private server I'm playing on is going to lapse soon as the owners and their crew are moving on to other things. I'm planning to keep my server solo as there are some things I'd like to experiment with, but some of the others I'm playing with might be interested in a new server. Can I set up a second server for that or are we limited to just one?

    4) I may want to wipe my server at some point. How do I do this? I've seen some info about doing it on PC but nothing about Xbox.

    5) Is there a way to set up recurring payments or do I have to remember to add to the wallet or whatever each month?

    Really appreciate any help anyone can offer.