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    Its transferring from different maps possible without losing progress from only one server?

    How do I switch maps if I only have one server, without losing progress? Like being able to upload tames and items and move to another map, then tame dinos and cryopod them and then move back to my old map, For example Ragnarok to Aberration, Then back to Rag, same characters same dinos and items and not lose progress

    I've heard that map data will be gone, and that I will be able to upload items in my inventory and dinos, but when I switch back to Ragnarok from Aberration, that I will lose all my entire map data, so no base, no tames, nothing.

    Is this true? is there a way to counteract this? I really want to be able to have fun with friends but not have to pay so much money to do crossark