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    Yep This is getting to be fucking ridiculous. I have had a ticket open for well over a week and it still just we know and are working on it... they even closed my ticket without saying anything or fixing it or any update at all... when is this going to be fixed or do we need to start getting refunds and charge backs for them selling a broken service... over two weeks now and nothing a word.

    Yep, I gave them a call and all I got was "yes, we know about it" no eta, no new ip, or anything. just ya we know and are working on it... Would be nice to get some sort of response here has it is causing a lot of issues having trolls,cheaters, and meshers who have been banned being able to rejoin and start their fu**ery all over again, ruining things for all those who play fairly and legit.

    Anyone having issues with player control not showing anyone online. All servers are showing noone online when there are several online. if I select to ban someone it takes no effect.

    Wow I am Impressed that it was fixed so quickly. Guess i'm a little too used to company's releasing new stuff that breaks things and taking months to fix them *Cough wildcard Cough*

    One thing to maybe take a look at. Although it does seem to be working now... it seems like it takes several days for the tasks to actually start working. Mine finally did a restart last night about 7 pm (i set them up days ago and this was the 1st time) so i adjusted my times based off that restart and none of them actually did another restart last night. But frankly as long as it does eventually take hold things should be good.

    Good job Nitrado:thumbup:

    Want to give us a hint at other automated tasks you might be adding? 8o

    Got two part question Im hoping someone might know.

    first and most important. I run a Cluster that is 20x Harvesting. I'm wondering how i set Element from Element veins on Extinction to be much lower than 20x Harvesting. I have seen some other xbox server with Veins set this way so i know it's possible.

    Secondly. I used to play on a server that had tamed dinos weight already super high. You didn't even have to put a point into weight it was just automatically really high weight (Like in the millions) Does anyone know how this would be done?

    I have tried



    as well as



    but they seem to have zero effect.

    Yes Like the others hear... Not only does it not let you give a message anymore to inform players why the servers is shutting down... But Since I went through and set these "automated Tasks" Not a single server has restart. I have 6 Xbox ark servers and not a single restart has happened all weekend unless I manually did the restart myself. "hey guys lets replace this working system with a broken one!" <- Fire that guy

    Ok. So my servers are located in LA. so if i select hour 3 that will do it at 3am west coast time? Also the Old style did have a Message you could put in for the restart.

    So I just added two new servers to my cluster for ark. During setup I found there is a new Automated Tasks area for daily resets. Although it's cool in the way you can start doing other automated things.... Esp if they develop this further. The Overall design makes absolutely no sense at all. You have no idea what time you are setting and there seem to be is no way to make a server message anymore. I simple want to make my servers Restart Dailys at 5AM Eastern with a Message that says Daily Reset. How do you do this now?