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    Yeah i have been looking at this for the longest time and following it.

    I think maybe theres an issue with the FTP stage. When i remove the "@Mods" from the general settings and restart the server, it doesnt actually say i need any (Except Exile)(But the MODS are still listed in the server files).

    I get this also "Error: Server sent unsorted certificate chain in violation of the TLS specifications" which i have no idea about either. But for the most part the mods seem to upload ok.

    Hi Guys,

    Im trying to get my own Exile server set up. I have followed alot of guides etc to get it going but am struggling to get the mods working.

    I made the server with Arma 3 Exile tanoa, so the Exile mods has no issue.

    I used the FTP to install the additional mods and then added the mod names to the web interface "@CBA_A3;" etc.

    but i start the server and get this on the Arma 3 launcher.

    I have already removed the added lines of ""@CBA_A3;" and the other mods from the General tab in web interface. Then the Red warnings from the launcher vanish but the "mods not allowed list" stays.

    Is it possible someone knows how to fix this please.

    Note - I have verified my entire game, all was fine, and cross ref'd all the keys which are identical to the ones already have.