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open positions @ Nitrado

    I want my money back !!! besides all the reported problems, not even the server appears in the global list. Nitrado should be ashamed to launch an unfinished product ... Ah, and no response from support team....

    This is quite normal here just look at Thursday was a holiday and today Friday will be cleaned up then the weekend comes ..

    Either everyone is already mentally on the weekend or the problem is bigger than nitrado wants to admit. (the main thing is money) but somehow that's nothing new about the store here Kind regards

    I have been a customer of Nitrado for a long time (since DayZ) and there is nothing new that is currently going on here.

    There is a game aks server provided in the web interface only the most necessary is provided (otherwise you would have to work more) and not even with the lowest settings it will get the servers "ready to take off" sorry dear Nitrado team this is ****.

    STOP the marketing and fixes the problem (not only in 24h with a ticket (we are working on it))

    that does not help anyone .....

    What surprises me Your money collecting machine has never had any problems !!!!

    Here comes the boss himself ... what should I WANT MONEY?

    Kind regards

    greats Nitrado NEW Server ... **** config all the time the self ****

    Servername change ? NO

    Serveradmin PW ? NO

    Server Login PW ? NO

    save the edit and load the standart **** man man man Testing your Products befor you Trading this ??? NO Money money money not more