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    done both man lost progress ffrom today but it seems to be working, gonna try to restore them forward and see which one was messing it all up, every time i change the server name though it does the restart loop like

    backup to yesterday worked up for me on the database side off restore backup, up and running now, thing causing it must of been too many characters in the server name as ive seen other forums saying this, and thanks

    yeah man tested i and anyone whos game is taking long to install like the guy who posted this forum ild try downloading the app then going on a laptop seems to work, cheers

    changed browsed to chrome, downloaded the app and logged in, on the app it gave me all the options, stopped the server on the app, restarted it on chrome because when i stopped it the options popped up, sorted, playing now, and it reset to 30 days which is what i paid for, perfect thanks a lot