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    So like many of you here I've had the same issues with trying to start a new server with the Fjordur map. The memory error, server saying it's online but can't actually connect to it, have it stuck in a loop with only option to force stop it etc.

    What has worked so far in my case was to reinstall the server from scratch (make sure to export your settings if you have any) but with any other map (my case was Lost Island). Let it do it's thing, fully spin up, optionally check you can connect to the server now, then change the map from the settings screen to Fjordur and restart the server and then it should work.

    I did this last night, maybe 20 or so hours ago and so far I've restarted the server several times so far, including the automated restart everyday that Nitrado sets up for you and it restarted properly every time, last time trying it just before posting here to make sure it still works well.

    I don't know what will happen if you shut it down and try to start it back up, since the way I did it worked.

    Hope this helps others too.

    Edit: I also tested the shut down start back up and it works fine, so prolly the issue is only on server install with the Fjordur map?