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    I've checked for updates; not working after. Mods: i have a few, but i took them off and tried without them, no avail. I've tried restarting more than a couple times since purchasing the server about 8 hours ago, so nothing there. IP is correct, according to the wiki there (adding 1 to the end like it says). I've also tried a forcestop twice, still having problems. I'll see if a friend can connect...if he can, and I can't what would you recommend I do? Also, thanks a ton for the quick respond, I really appreciate it.



    I'm having troubles connecting to my server...keep getting errors like "lost/timedout pending connection to host" (which does an infinite loop) and "unable to query server info for invite" ...can't seem to find a workaround for either of these issues. Help would be much appreciated.