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    So I bought a server today just before the new map, Fjordur, was released for Ark. Nitrado finally updates and I am able to add it to my previous cluster on Ark. However, when I try and join the server (I can see it on the list), I get "could not retrieve address". Here are a list of solutions that I have tried but failed.

    1. Removing the map from my cluster and joining separately (getting a friend to try and join as well in case it was a 'me' problem)

    2. Changing the map back to its default settings

    3. Using beacon to 3rd party deploy both of my maps on my cluster on the same 'project' to insure compatibility

    4. restarting my other server in case it wasn't up to date (this was done in the previous step)


    1. It is not a problem with the cluster aspect

    2. I believe that there is a problem because nitrado is still technically updating (even though the updating started 11 hours ago) and that is disabling the newly bought servers for some reason (but that is kind of a shot in the dark like the rest of my attempts at fixing this issue)

    If anyone knows of this problem and knows how to fix it, let me know. I've been at this for a few hours now and don't have any more ideas.