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    Nitrado, give us a real explanation. Tell us what is happening, not a vague, "We are working on it, please have patience." Working on what exactly? Because we are all paying for nothing at this point. If you'd take the time to explain perhaps our frustration might be a tad mitigated. It's easy to see that posts are being deleted, and at the same time no REAL updates are given us. If you can take the time to read posts and delete, you can at least explain what the problem is. I'd like to play with my son who lives states away and works so much I barely have time to talk to him. However, RIGHT NOW, he is waiting to play. With me. Together. This is absurd. And don't say go check twitter. I hate twitter. It's a toxic cesspool of spineless nonthinkers....i'll pass.

    Even though it sounds like things are starting to work, you owe us a good explanation. Communication is so important and if you don't understand this then you will lose goodwill and customers. And 100% on Twitter. Why not just say we'll have a TikTok up to update you like a real company?