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    So far the artifact of the massive and the devour have not spawned, spawned in the wall or spawned under the map. I know there are admin commands to spawn artifacts in the inventory but I simply want to spawn the artifact container so they can get artifacts. I know its possible, I somehow did it the the artifact of the immune and spawned like 30 crates.

    So if anyone knows how to fix the spawning issue and yes we have waiting 20-30 minutes near where it should spawn and nothing happened.

    Or could someone please tell me the command to spawn artifact containers.


    Server just crashed and all I have been getting for 15 minutes is Oops... An error occurred keep trying etc... ErrorCode 12004. Am I the only one with this? I have people trying to play including myself.

    If you switch to expert mode it should carry over all of your current setting to the best of my knowledge. once in expert mode just add bAutoUnlockEngrams=True

    That will unlock every engram.

    There is a way I just forget how. I believe it is an admin command in game to force ascension